The Business of Creativity

creating sustainable business with the goal of becoming location independent

Building Your Foundation Right

Business Training for Creatives

Creating a sustainable business

Business Training for Creatives

becoming Location Independent

Business Training for Creatives

Business = Product + Trafic + Conversion

By combining cutting edge corporate business strategies with your creativity, you can prosper with the goal of achieving real freedom , the freedom of choice, by making your competition irrelevant.

For the Unschoolers, Worldschoolers, and Digital Nomad Families with kids

Get a Head start in becoming Location Independent

Let us create your online business for you so that you do not need to spend months setting it set up, leaving you with time to focus on all the other decisions that go into becoming location independent.

Get Your First Customers

Just starting out, and want to get online, download our complete done for you marketing pack, to assist you in getting your first customers BEFORE you have to spend any money on our product, you cannot get more RISK FREE than that.

Courses for Creatives

Learn how to set up your design business, from scratch, while learning about micro economics and other corporate best practices and how to combine them with your creativity to make your competition irrelevant.

It does not matter your experience level, or even how many clients you have, to start making changes to the way you work.

Inbound Marketing Certified

inbound marketing certified

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