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Get the perfect Marketing Team for only $200
valued at $2300

Facebook Marketing Chatbots
Know the benefits

Here are the main benefits in a few short paragraphs to why you need a chatbot for your business today!

Save on Wages

Wages are the greatest expense for any business, automate the repetitive tasks, and let your staff get back to doing the tasks that will bring in more profit.

Connect With Customers

With over 1.3 Billion people on Facebook, and using Messenger, you have the perfect opportunity to connect directly with your customers.

Future Proof

With over 80% of all business polled, moving towards AI powered front office applications, you do not want to be left out on the biggest shakeup in the tech industry.

Bot Features
  1. We will give you the ability to connect with your audience 24/7.
  2. Save You Time & Money by pre-qualifying prospects.
  3. Do Product Research Directly with Your Customers.
  4. Market Your Services & Products Directly to Your Customers.
  5. Capture Customer Data to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns.
  6. Enhance Your Customers Experience with Your Company.
  7. Get Prospects into Your Sales Funnel.
    and more ... much more.
Facebook Messenger Bot
3 Simple Steps

Without disrupting your workflow, we will seamlessly merge your new Chatbot into your existing marketing setup.

Step One

Make Payment!

Step Two

Send Us Your URL's

Step Three

Let Us Start Building Your Bot.

Facebook Chat Bot
The Catch!!

The only reason why we are setting up bots at the crazy price of only $200, is that we want to get testimonials from clients in new niches.

The only catch is that after one month, you give us a honest testimonial, and allow us to use the experience as a case study.

For this we are willing to give you almost $2000 discount on our services.


Get Your Own 24/7 Marketing Agency for $200

Make Payment via PayPal and send us your website URL & Facebook page. We will do a quick analysis of your website & Facebook Page, and then connect with you and start creating your Bot.

Some Recent Chatbots

Please note they are live client chatbots, you can click on them to open the page and then just click get started.

A Few Bots that We have Built Recently