Lead Generation & Sales Funnels

Automated Scalable Systems

Let us create a scalable automated sales funnel for you, optimized to your specific requirements.

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Lead Generating Services

Connecting your qualified customers to your services, in the quickest and most cost effective ways, while giving you the tools to monitor our effectiveness , keeping us accountable.

Analyze your existing sales funnels.

The first step is finding the strengths and weakness of your existing sales and marketing systems. We use industry standard tools to ensure that we can give you a accurate report on your website health and any sales funnel deficiencies.

Create the Customer Journey

We create sales funnels to suit your immediate needs, as your customers move through your funnel, we monitor and tweak the funnel to ensure that prospects transition to paying customers.

Build Your Ideal Customer Avatars.

Using your existing knowledge about your customers, we will create your perfect customer avatars, this will allow us to focus only on those that will actually become paying customers, reducing your marketing costs, while increasing your profits..

Lead Nurturing & Scaling

All prospects are automatically added to a customer relations system, where you can segment and nurture your leads, based off this they get added to your automated e-mail responder sequence and if need be added to a mini autoresponder using your Facebook Chatbot.

Creating Your Lead Magnet

Now that we know your perfect customer, we can craft the most important component in your sales funnel, this will be where you start building your audience, you can download a cheat sheet on Lead Magnets in the sign-up form above.

Custom Services & Products

Now that your sales funnels are in place, let us manage your marketing campaigns, create targeted content and manage your social media marketing and website maintenance. Speak to us about finding the perfect package to suit your needs and budget.

Get it done faster, better & easily

Step 1 - Contact Us and get a FREE! website health analysis.
Step 2 - Look at how we can assist you in Lead Generation.
Step 3 - We’ll start working on your Funnels the moment we get paid.

Our Expertise

We are a Digital Nomad Family, what that means is that we rely solely on converting leads into sales, to allow us to keep traveling and working only a few hours a day, we have been traveling for over a year, and in that time, I have learnt a lot about people, sales funnels and eating hot food.

I am both inbound marketing & e-mail marketing certified, come from a 14 year corporate background and have years of experience with online marketing and more importantly making sales.

Use the knowledge that I have gained out in the field to your advantage and grow your business without having to break the bank.

  1. Traveling the world for almost 3 years already with my family, funded on our sales funnels.
  2. Built the first Facebook multilingual chatbot while in Vietnam.
  3. Have worked with a variety of clients and businesses from assisting a 13 year old to start a fashion label, The Hell's Angels, life coaches, and Sweden's most famous footballer to name a few.
  4. Starting a Creative Academy for woman with a girl from Pakistan, we met in a bot building group.
  5. Use some pretty unique marketing methods by combining my BBA studies, corporate background and watching how hawkers sell their wares on the streets across South East Asia.
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I did my course with Robert beginning 2016 and it was the best investment I could have made personally and for my business. The course was very thorough and tailored to my needs. We would spend more time on what he thought I needed to improve on, and moved along quickly when he saw I was getting the hang of it. I especially like and appreciate the after "sales" service I received and to this day still receive.

Roeline Burger

Fashion label


Thank you Robert! I had fun, I completed the course feeling empowered and excited to start. You have been generous with all you know and never held back on the secrets of the trade.

Vanessa Myburg

Owner of a B&B


I highly recommend this course. He is knowledgeable and encouraging, all round great experience. Thanks to Robert and his family from the Stoned Oxygen team.

Cassidy Bo Morrison

Clothing Label & Screen Printing Business